Do you need a little inspiration for your sweetheart table? Do you even know what a sweetheart table is? Don’t worry about a thing! You’ve come to the right place. 

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about sweetheart tables at your wedding reception. Then, we’ll look at the difference between a head table and a sweetheart table.

And finally, I’ll show you 11 gorgeous sweetheart table ideas that you’ll absolutely want to copy for your own wedding reception. So let’s get started!


What is a Sweetheart Table?

It’s a small table at your wedding reception explicitly reserved for the bride and groom. This is where you’ll enjoy your dinner, sip on some champagne, and listen to your guests’ speeches. And hopefully, you’ll take a moment to relax and simply be together to enjoy that “just-married” feeling as husband and wife.


Should You Have a Sweetheart Table?

Well, let’s be honest. As soon as you tie the knot and walk back down that aisle, your guests will be dying to talk to you! They’ll want to hug you, congratulate you, and share all of their happy emotions with you. And that’s great!! It’s a moment to be celebrated! 

But… It can get a little overwhelming.

You’ll probably want a little time to breathe. To be with your new husband. To chat about the day. Share how happy you are! And to take a moment away from all of the craziness. 

The sweetheart table allows you to do just that. It will give you that little extra moment of time to just be together. And to enjoy your day!

Some couples worry that they’ll be too far away from their guests if they choose a sweetheart table. Is it rude? Or selfish? The answer is no. It’s your day! You get to enjoy it however you want.

Also, keep in mind:

Since you’re having a destination wedding, chances are, you and your guests are all staying at the same resort, enjoying the entire week together. You have plenty of time to be together during your vacation. And this means there’s less pressure on you to spend time with your guests on your actual wedding day. 

But beware: 

The sweetheart table is the focal point of the reception and will be the center of attention throughout dinner. If you’re not comfortable being in the spotlight for too long, you may want to choose a head table instead.


Consider a Head Wedding Table Instead

There are many reasons why a bride and groom choose a head table for their wedding instead of a sweetheart table. The main reason, however, is to be closer to their guests.

The head table is a larger table at the reception that will seat the newlyweds alongside a few specially-selected friends. Typically this is the wedding party, but you can arrange it however you choose.

You can ask only your maid of honor and best man to join you. You can include your entire wedding party. Or you can sit with your families instead. It’s all up to you!

The head table puts less focus on you as the bride and groom (if that’s even possible) since you will blend in with the people sitting next to you. But it is still your big day, so expect to receive a lot of attention regardless.

If you’re the type that wants to spend as much time with your guests as possible, then you may even consider ditching the head table altogether and sitting at a regular table with your guests instead. 

Do whatever feels right for you!

So what do you think? What type of table works best for you and your groom?

If you’ve decided on a sweetheart table, then keep reading for 11 fantastic table decor ideas.


11 Ideas For Your Sweetheart Table

Here are 11 of my favorite sweetheart table ideas to give you a little inspiration for your own wedding day. As you scroll through, think about your overall wedding style and the decor you’ll have throughout your venue. 

You can choose to go big and bold for your sweetheart table or keep it simple instead. And if none of these connect with you, that’s perfectly fine!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and invent your own style. It is your wedding day after all – so it’s all about you!

Now let’s get started with table idea number one:


Flowers, flowers, flowers

When it comes to flowers on your wedding day, you can never have too many! Whether you’re into delicate roses or bright-colored orchids, you can’t go wrong by incorporating dozens of flowers into your table design.

Either of these cascading flower displays will have you and your guests swooning!


Make your sweetheart table romantic

We all know red roses are an international symbol of love, romance, and passion. They’re classic and beautiful. Plus, they smell fantastic! So why not incorporate them into your sweetheart table decor? Add a shimmery tablecloth and some candles, and you’ll be feeling the love all night long.


It’s all about the greenery

The Dominican Republic is known for its lush, tropical greenery. With over 2000 different types of palm trees alone, you don’t have to look far to incorporate greens into your wedding decor. You can add greenery all on its own, or mix it in with other flowers to create a fuller look.

I love the look of monstera leaves, palms, eucalyptus, and a few white roses. What do you think?


Add a pop of color to your sweetheart table

If you’re thinking “yeah, that’s nice… but I’d love to add something more” then this next sweetheart table idea is for you! Here we’ve still got plenty of greenery, but there’s a pop of purple, pink, and blush that brings a fresh, bright look.

Add a loveseat, Mr. and Mrs. signs, and some candles, and you’ve got yourself a stunning sweetheart table.


Let’s get tropical

Do you want to go even brighter? More colorful? More natural? Then the tropical look will be for you! This look screams destination wedding in Punta Cana. Fresh palm leaves. Orange roses. Bright pink peonies. And vibrant purple orchids. 

If you’re going for a bright beach wedding, then this is the sweetheart table look for you!


Go glam instead

If you’re having a more elegant wedding reception, then you might want to choose more elaborate decor. Glitter and gold are the name of the game when it comes to glamming up your sweetheart table.

A flashy rose gold tablecloth is all you need here if you want to keep it simple. Or an elegant glass table works nicely, too. And you can always add some candle votives and a beautiful flower bouquet to complete the look.

Here are three glamorous tables for you!


Feel like a queen

These high-back wedding chairs will have you living like royalty on your wedding day.

It’ll feel like you’re sitting on a throne. And isn’t that the perfect way to enjoy your dinner and the speeches at your reception? I think so too!


Or cuddle up on a loveseat

Instead of separate chairs, cozy up to your new husband on a gorgeous, high-back loveseat. Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Hold hands. And enjoy your day together.

Just don’t get too comfortable… The party’s only just begun.


Don’t forget to decorate your chairs

If you still prefer to sit in separate chairs, then why not add some hanging wedding signs for a little something extra? Mr. and Mrs. signs work great. Or signs that read Bride and Groom.

Then, add some flowers to match your wedding decor and you’ve got yourself a lovely sweetheart table all around.


Add a fancy background

How about an entire wall of flowers as the perfect backdrop for your sweetheart table? This look is not for the faint of heart. And probably not an option for our budget-savvy brides.

But if you’ve got a little extra money to spend and you want to make a big display of your sweetheart table, this is the way to go. I mean, how gorgeous is this?


Or how about a wall of hanging roses?

If you want to make a statement, but you want a more delicate-looking background, then this hanging rose wall is for you.

It’s a little more subtle than the full wall above, but it is still completely breathtaking. Your guests will be blown away by this look!


Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Which look are you going to steal for your wedding day? Whether you prefer the tropical look or a more romantic feel. Bright and flashy or calm and classic. Choose a sweetheart table that connects to you.

And remember, you can always work off these ideas to create your own unique sweetheart table design, too. Don’t be afraid to do something different.

Have fun! It’s worth it! Then check out The Stress-Free Guide to Creating Your Wedding Seating Chart.

Don’t forget:

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