What is the first thing you do when you decide to get married (besides buy a ring and call your friends and family)? You set a date! Choosing the right time of the year can be essential when planning your destination wedding because you want to keep crowds, weather, and travel costs in mind. Many people dream of a summer wedding because summer is such a happy time! With the sunshine, warm air, green trees, and an overall relaxing sensation that no doubt stems from years of looking forward to summer as a child! With that being said, we think Spring in Punta Cana is a superior option, and here are four reasons why!


Reason #1 The Weather in the Dominican Republic is Amazing!

Macao Beach Sunset in Punta Cana


The weather in the Spring is fantastic. It stays relatively mild with the highs averaging in the low eighties. Not as hot as the summer, it’s just warm enough to be perfect for a Caribbean wedding, am I right? If you choose to get married during the Spring months (March through May), you and your guests will be more comfortable all around. You won’t feel like you’re suffocating in your dress, your makeup is less likely to run from sweat, your hair less prone to frizz (hard to avoid the humidity on the coast), and your guests should feel more at ease! For this reason, Spring is superior!


Reason #2 Fewer Tourists

Punta Cana always has a healthy crowd of tourists because it is a Caribbean vacation hotspot. However, if you choose to have your wedding in the Spring, there will be fewer crowds at the resorts and on the beach. Why? Because most of the tourists arrive in the summer, thanks to family summer vacations when school lets out or during the harsh winter where everywhere else there’s snow. During the summer months, the resorts are crawling with families and other bridal parties who planned for a summer adventure. If you choose Spring, you can avoid most of the crowds! What about Spring break, you ask? Don’t worry about Spring Breakers. Sure, there are bound to be a few, but it won’t be crazy like in Cancun or Cabo San Lucas. Also, not every resort in the area will allow Spring Breakers into their grounds, so make sure you choose a resort that doesn’t!


Reason #3 Travel Rates Go Down

Jellyfish Beach Restaurant in Punta Cana


It’s cheaper in the Spring! Seriously, flight costs go down; resorts go down, excursions go down, almost everything goes down! If you choose to have your wedding in the spring, then you will be saving yourself (and your guests) a ton of money! Now, that alone should be a huge reason to choose Spring as your wedding season! The money that you save on resort and flight costs could go towards other cool things like scuba diving lessons, snorkeling, off-roading, or even a helicopter tour! There are so many great things to see and do here, all year. And, with the extra savings, you could do so much more! A Spring wedding just makes sense to us.


Reason #4 Be on Vacation while the rest are at work

While everybody else will be working, you will be on a nice vacation. Most people will take holidays from work in the summer or in the cold months of winter to get away from the snow. It will likely be easier for you to get your vacation time from work when no one else will! Also, this can be great for your family and friends because they will also find it easier to come to your destination wedding. Do we have to give you any more reasons or did we convince you already?


juanillo beach wedding


Final Thoughts


It is widely accepted that the best time of the year for a wedding here is during the Spring months (March through May) so if you can do it, go for it! Remember that this is because there are fewer crowds (too late for Spring break and too early for summer break); the hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t expected to arrive until June, and travel rates go down during this time! Which is why Spring is our absolute favorite season for weddings in the DR. If you can’t have a Spring wedding in Punta Cana, don’t fret. Thankfully, the weather here in Punta Cana is usually sunny and mild with temperatures averaging in the 80s all year round! So, no matter what season you choose, it’s bound to be a beautiful one.

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