**Updated July 2020**

It can be easy to get so caught up in your wedding that you forget to show your guests appreciation for coming to your destination wedding. I get it… The inner bridezilla comes out. And everyone else fades into the background. It makes sense. There’s a lot going on throughout the day.

After all, it’s an event that is wholly centered around you. For many people, it is the only event that is centered around them except for their birthday. And it’s always nice to feel celebrated!

You might be tempted to overlook some of the most important people in your life: your guests. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, I will tell you my nine favorite ways to show your guests appreciation for coming to your destination wedding!


Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a great way to show your guests your appreciation. They are cute, handy, and often contain items to enhance your guests’ stay! They can use them to carry their things to the beach (who doesn’t go to the beach in Punta Cana?) or around the tourist sites. Shutterfly has some fantastic totes that you can customize with monograms, names, and pictures!

Check out Etsy if you don’t want to DIY.

Wedding Favors


Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are a great gift for your guests. They have a retro feel (though the ’90s weren’t all that long ago) which makes them a fun blast from the past. They are light, easy to travel with, and hard to break. And who doesn’t love taking pictures with friends? You can even buy wedding-themed disposable cameras that have cool decorative prints.



Photograph magnets are a wonderful gift, especially for a destination wedding. When people go on vacation to an exotic place, they always bring home small souvenirs to remember their time. Favorite items include shot glasses, postcards, and magnets!

Magnets are great because they can go in your welcome bag, have your engagements photos on them, and (unlike wedding invitations) they won’t be tossed after the event! You can never have enough magnets! It’s practical, decorative, and cheap! Can a guest appreciation gift get any better?


Wedding Favors


Wedding Flip Flops

You might be thinking, “Flip-flops? Why flip-flops?” Well, for one thing, your resort will likely be on the beach, and flip-flops are handy on the sand!

Secondly, they can be a cute gift for the reception. Traditionally, weddings are semi-formal to formal events, and people often wear uncomfortable, yet stylish shoes. This can be a real downer for the party. So, why not have some decorative flip-flops for the guests that they can change into during the reception? They’ll be able to dance longer, and you won’t have to end the party early due to sore toes.

You can find some awesome sign ideas on Pinterest. For example, “When your feet get sore… grab a pair and dance some more!”


Wine Glasses & Shot Glasses

Engraved wine glasses or shot glasses are a gorgeous way to share your wedding joy with your guests. Another fun idea, have your guests drink from them at the reception! This way, they can simply take them back to the hotel after the wedding is over, and fly them back home with them.


Wedding Favors


A Recovery Kit

We all have a friend or a relative who enjoys a good party. If there were ever a night to party, your wedding would certainly be one of them! Hangovers can put a real damper on your guest’s vacation, so why not provide them with a recovery kit to nurse that hangover!

Some kit content ideas:

  • Altoids
  • Aspirin
  • Water Bottle
  • Crackers
  • Gum


Program Fans

Punta Cana is in the Caribbean, meaning it can be hot and humid. A tremendous convenient gift for guests. Insert: program fans! These are cute, convenient, and will likely be used by all the guests; especially if they are prone to hot flashes.


Party Favors

Party favors are simple and gracious. They tell guests, “Thank you for coming. We appreciate your well-wishes. Have a small gift that shows our appreciation!” Some party favors include:

  • “Mint to be” breath mints
  • “Our Love is the Balm” Lip Balm
  • “Take a Shot We Tied the Knot” Shot glasses!
  • “Don’t Get Blinded by Love” Sunglasses for our sunny Punta Cana weather!


Wedding Favors


Personalized Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a dying trend. Once thought to be a necessity, now hosts feel satisfied with a Facebook post and a “Thx” text. Giving personalized “Thank you” cards show guests that you really care!


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