**Updated July 2020**

We all know that problems are common at weddings. Whether the groom forgets his socks, the flower girl is too shy to walk down the aisle, or any number of other issues that can arise on the wedding day; something is bound to go wrong. But there is one major problem with resort weddings in Punta Cana.

Now before I get started, let me just say that this is my personal opinion after photographing over 500 weddings in Punta Cana. Yours might be different, and that’s okay!

When it comes to your wedding ceremony at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, there’s something truly important that will completely change how you feel about your wedding day.

Wedding Officiant


The Wedding Department at Resorts

Punta Cana resorts are beautiful properties full of services to offer. But, all of those services do not work equally well. The “wedding department” at some resorts is a small room, full of paperwork, with one or two wedding coordinators and hundreds of emails waiting to be answered. While this is a big frustration for a lot of our resort brides, it’s not my point to discuss here today.

Wedding planners deal with all sorts of problems, from vendors not showing up on time, to changing a wedding location one hour before the ceremony due to unforeseeable weather conditions. With all the work they have to do, they are over their limits when it comes to performing the ceremony. And this is when we run into the biggest problem with resort weddings.

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The Biggest Problem with Resort Weddings

Resorts have one BIG, common, and easy-to-solve problem. Are you ready for it?

The ceremonies are performed by a person that does not speak proper English.

This usually happens when the wedding coordinator (or by a random worker of the resort) performs the ceremony. They are usually nervous and/or in a hurry. Plus, they are speaking a language that they are not comfortable with… They tend to mumble, murmur, and mispronounce words. They may even mispronounce the names of the couple getting married. Yikes!!

Their ability to connect with the audience is low as they tend to only read from the page instead of looking at the couple or into the crowd. The ceremony feels rushed and usually lacks feeling. It’s not uncommon to see guests looking around, lost, or even smirking because they can’t understand a single phrase. Doesn’t that sound like a nightmare?

It’s easy to tell when a ceremony feels unique. When people are actually paying attention to what’s being said. Or when things are not working out as they should. We can tell immediately. And I’m sure you can too.

Everyone that has attended a wedding before knows what it feels like when you’re fully invested in the ceremony, focused on the bride and groom, hanging on to every word. A smile on your face. And trying not to tear up.

So how do you ensure this is how your guests are feeling at your wedding ceremony? And how do you avoid the common problem with resort weddings and ensure it doesn’t happen at yours?

Wedding Officiant


Ensure You Have an Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

Even today, after over 10 years of photographing ceremonies by the ocean, I get involved in every ceremony. I’m always paying attention to what’s being said, and most importantly, how those words are expressed.

My honest advice to any future bride getting married in Punta Cana is to ask who will be performing their ceremony and make sure that you can connect to his/her voice. A simple 2-minute phone call or a video of a previous event will do. You’ll be able to tell right away if they speak English, if they have a strong accent, or if their words flow freely.

If you want proven results right off the bat, hire a Wedding Officiant without a second doubt. It’s another expense to your wedding budget, but a very important one. And so so worth it! They will make your wedding ceremony unique, special, romantic, and enjoyable – not only for you, but for all of your guests as well!

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