It has become the latest trend in destination weddings and we love it! Can you imagine having live music for your ceremony or reception, played by a talented musician?

Of all the options in Punta Cana, we think the one you will love most is Pascal Aubrion Saxophonist. We have known Pascal for some time now and we can honestly say he is the most passionate musician we have ever met. And musicians are artists, so they are naturally passionate.

He is European by birth but Latin by heart as he plays (and dances) to the beat of salsa, bachata, and many other rhythms. The same passion and effort he has to learn new songs will be reflected on your wedding day when you decide to have him play the song of your choice as you walk down the aisle.

If you are wondering, he is French but speaks fluent Spanish and English, and if that wasn’t enough he also speaks German! Talk about being skillful!

We think you can’t go wrong by choosing him, making a great and original addition to your wedding day.



Where are you from?

I was born in a small town in the north-east of France called Metz, next to the border with Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg… but musically I grew up listening to Cuban salsa, US’s jazz, Brazilian pagoda, India’s pattern, Balkanic’s fanfare and African’s folk…


How long have you been in the Wedding Industry for?

I started 3 years ago when I arrived in Mexico, Playa del Carmen, another amazing Caribbean Beach. It’s been a year now since I started playing here in Punta Cana!


What is your background? Have you always been a musician?

When I was 7, I blew my first musical note into my saxophone and since then  I have never stopped (and I’m 33 now…). So yes, being a musician lasts a lifetime! Cause more than a job, it’s a passion!

For me, there is no music without silence and I enjoy them both very much, that’s why it’s my second passion. I’m a dive Instructor too, and I can spend hours just listening to the underwater world.


What instruments do you play?

As a kid, my superhero was the man that could speak all the languages, could do all the sports and could play any musical instruments. For this reason, I guess, I have always enjoyed trying all instruments I could have in my possession.

I can play drums, percussions, guitar, bass, piano, clarinet and tuba but the ones I keep practicing every day are the saxophone and traversal flute.


How do you feel about weddings in general?

I think your Wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It’s a time to celebrate the love between two people that will spend the rest of their lives together. Being present in that magical moment it’s just amazing for me and I feel very lucky to witness it and realize how much love there is in this world.


Where do you work? Only in the DR?

I’m currently living in Punta Cana but anywhere on the island can be a good place for a wedding and I can be there within hours since the country is not that big. Besides, we’ve got an international airport 20 minutes away so if you want me to play at your event out of DR, we can make it happen!


Do you play on the ceremony only? Can somebody hire you for another event?

I’ve got no limits traveling, neither musically! I have studied many different kinds of music and learned how to improvise above them. Traditional or Pop music for your ceremony, Bossa Nova or Jazz at the cocktail hour or even dancing and playing Lounge or Electro accompanied by the Dj of your party!  I can play alone, with a backtrack, or fit in any kind of band for any kind of event!


Do you have a playlist of songs you play? Can the bride and groom choose a song that is not on that playlist for you to learn?

Yes of course, with about 120 songs and still growing up every week, I like to learn the best last hits.But don’t worry  if you don’t find your favorite tune in it, I will work on it and interpret the playlist of your dreams!


How far in advance should people book you?

As soon as they’ve got the date fixed. I already have bookings made for summer next year, so anytime is good.


Is there somewhere where we can see more of your work?

Yes! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to see my videos playing you can check them out on my YouTube channel and you can even find me on Pinterest. I’m currently developing a website for brides to find live musicians in Punta Cana, check it out, you’ll find a lot of interesting information over there.