With any destination wedding, it can often be difficult preparing for something that will be hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. In this article you will discover six things that you need to be aware of while planning a wedding in Punta Cana.

The inability to see your wedding venue in person

Plan a Wedding in Punta Cana

For couples who are on a budget it may not be possible to visit the reception or wedding ceremony venues. Unfortunately your budget may not stretch for a quick visit, if this is the case, contact your venue and ask for recent photos and dimensions of the rooms and also the tables. This allows you to gain an accurate idea as to what useable space you can work with.

Common home resources may not be available

Plan a Wedding in Punta Cana

Although places such as Punta Cana are not sparsely populated, you may find that vendors may not have the resources or products that you have back at home. Depending on your wedding destination, you need to be prepared for items or products such as specific decorations or flowers to be difficult to find.

Insufficient or delayed communication

Plan a Wedding in Punta Cana

Factors such as the language barriers, time zones, or the laid back exotic lifestyle can all play a role in when it comes to slow or delayed communication from your vendors. You will no doubt find that the typical form of communication will be email, which we all know can be slow on the best of times. It is important that you remain patient and if at any point you become concerned that you are not being heard or responded to quickly enough, you may wish to organize a conference call via VOIP software such as Skype.

Useful tips for Planning a Wedding abroad

Nevertheless, although it may seem like there are countless challenges when it comes down to planning a wedding abroad, it is important not to become discouraged. Destination weddings can seem a lot of hard work, but you need to remember that so are traditional weddings. With that in mind, here are three quick tips to remember before you start planning!

Hire a wedding planner at your destination

When planning a destination wedding it’s fundamental to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, especially if you will not be visiting the location before the big day. Wedding coordinators are incredibly knowledgeable with regards to local vendors and often come with an abundance of amazing recommendations for cake designers and also caterers. Having a coordinator is most certainly an added expense but their knowledge and expertise can offer a world of peace of mind.

Plan a Wedding in Punta Cana

Gather photos to send your vendors

When it is time to contact your destinations vendors, it is recommended that you find photos (Pinterest or destination wedding sites can be a great place to start) that are similar to your desired look. It is incredibly easy for a worded description to be misunderstood or misconstrued by a vendor so to avoid any possible confusion, send photographs plus a detailed description of what you want.

Expect the unexpected

Even traditional weddings, especially regardless of the amount of planning made can run into a slight problem. However with the aid of your wedding coordinator any issues that arise will be kept to a minimum. Do not allow minor details or issues ruin your day, remember it is your special day so it is important to enjoy the moment because before you know it, it will be done!