**Updated May 2020**

Finding the perfect destination wedding photographer can feel like a daunting task. As with all of your wedding planning, some deep thought should go into who you hire to photograph your wedding day.

You want someone you trust, and someone who can capture all of the special moments that happen throughout the day. Thankfully, with the help of social media and online reviews, finding an amazing photographer has never been easier.

While some brides choose to pay a photographer to travel with them, couples should always look into hiring a local photographer first. Some of the best wedding photographers in the world live in popular wedding destinations, and they would be happy to capture your wedding day!

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Hire a Local Destination Wedding Photographer

I could give you a million reasons why a local photographer will be better than bringing a photographer from home… but I’ll just start with the top three.


Local photographers are familiar with the surroundings of their country.

This includes the beaches, towns, hotels, and literally everywhere in between. I know, it sounds obvious. But it does make a difference! A local photographer¬†will be able to share ideal locations with you for your wedding photos. And they’ll already have experience taking photos in that setting. They’ll know which locations require a permit (like botanical gardens or historical sites), and they can help you prepare for that ahead of time. Did I mention they’ve probably already worked with your wedding coordinator and vendors? That means they know each other’s work style and can make the day run that much smoother. Plus, they will speak English and the local language which will make communication easier throughout the entire planning process.


A local photographer is used to the weather in their destination.

If you’re getting married in a tropical climate, the weather will be unpredictable. But your local photographer will know what to do in any situation. We’re talking rain, wind, thunderstorms, etc. This really comes in handy if you’re planning a beach wedding. Or really anything outdoors. Because if it’s pouring rain, you’ll need an alternate plan. And your local photographer will have that. You don’t want to be stuck with all your wedding photos taken in the hotel lobby, right?¬†A local photographer will know some of the best places available, all at a moment’s notice.


Hiring a local photographer is typically much cheaper than bringing a photographer from home.

Local photographers offer very competitive pricing. Plus you won’t need to pay for their flight and accommodations. You’ll be saving money while still getting the same great quality when it comes to your photos and overall service.

Honestly, you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity if you don’t hire a local photographer.

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Communicate With Your Destination Wedding Photographer

If you are interested in hiring a local destination wedding photographer, communication is key! You may not be able to meet in person before the wedding day, so you want to be able to discuss everything electronically. Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or a video call, make sure that you’re comfortable with the communication and that you can truly trust your photographer. Make sure you understand each other and be sure that all of your needs are met – before, during, and after the wedding day.

Do your research and reach out to local photographers in your destination to see who best fits your needs. Eventually, you’ll find someone that is right for you!

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