Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but when your big day rolls around, it should be all smiles, laughter, and fun. You can finally relax. All of your hard work has paid off! Now is the time to let loose and enjoy your day. To ensure your day runs smoothly (and for your own sanity) here’s a list of things you should never do on your wedding day. 

And let me clarify:

This list is meant to help you out, not to add to your stress. Keep these things in mind, but don’t drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect. If you can be aware ahead of time, knowing what not to do on your wedding day, then you can avoid looking back on your day and wishing you’d done things differently. 

So while this is a list of things you should never do on your wedding day, it’s also a list of the most common mistakes that brides make and then regret later on. Don’t be that bride. Enjoy your day to the fullest! 


Don’t Stress About the Weather

I know, I know. You want beautiful sunny skies on your wedding day. A light breeze, but no strong winds. And definitely no rain! 

But here’s the thing:

You can’t control the weather. No matter how hard you try. So get that thought out of your head right now. Stop checking the forecast on your phone. The weather is unpredictable in Punta Cana anyway. And even if it does rain, it usually only lasts for a few minutes. So don’t let a little rain ruin your day. 

Your wedding planner can take care of your Plan B if it comes to that. And your hair and makeup artist will ensure your look will last all day long. Rain or shine.

All you need to do is sit back. Relax. Grab a glass of champagne. And enjoy it. 


Don’t Drink Too Much Before the Ceremony

Speaking of champagne… Of course, you deserve to pop a bottle with your girls while you’re getting ready. This day is all about celebrating! But don’t overdo it before you make it down the aisle. You don’t want to be slurring your vows or struggling to walk and stand up straight at the altar. (Yes, it happens.) 

After the ceremony and your photo sessions, feel free to let loose. Okay, one glass of champagne right after the ceremony won’t hurt. Again, it’s your day so you get to celebrate however you see fit. Just remember, it’ll all be caught on camera 😉


Don’t Forget to Eat

Have a hearty breakfast at the resort before you start the day’s events. And remember to eat throughout the day. You’ve got a long day ahead of you! The last thing you need is to feel faint or to get a headache from your hunger. 

If you’re getting ready at your resort, schedule room service to deliver some snacks for you and your bridesmaids to munch on while you get ready. If you’re getting married at a private venue, order some lunch directly to the bridal suite.

When your dinner reception comes along, make sure you schedule time to actually eat your meal before you start the speeches. Trust me, you won’t want to be stuffing your face while all eyes (and cameras) are on you. And you do definitely want to enjoy your wedding dinner! 


Don’t Forget to Feed Your Vendors

Since we’re talking about food, let’s go ahead and mention your wedding vendors here. Your photographer, videographer, wedding planner, and in some cases, also your hair and makeup artist, officiant, and MC are working long hours to be a part of your special day.

Chances are they haven’t had a moment to step away and grab some food or water since they arrived. So while feeding your vendors isn’t mandatory, it is definitely a nice gesture. These pros are working hard to make sure your day is amazing, so little gestures like this go a long way! It’s an easy way to say thank you and to ensure your vendors have plenty of energy to last all night! 

Most venues will offer vendor meals at a discounted price, but be sure to discuss this directly with your wedding planner before the big day. 


Don’t Start – or Finish – DIY Projects

Making your own wedding favors or writing handwritten escort cards may seem like a good idea in theory, but why put yourself through the extra stress? As a general rule of thumb, you should only ever DIY items that can be prepared and completed weeks -or months- before the big day. And even then, consider if you have the time and patience to complete these tasks yourself. Is it worth the stress and pressure? Or can you hand off control to someone else?

Any time-sensitive tasks (like flower arrangements and centerpieces) should be left to your wedding planner who has a ton of experience, resources, and yes, a whole team of wedding pros to help her out. 

If you are the extra crafty type, make sure any DIY projects are finished before your wedding day. You don’t want to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to piece together all the final details. The wedding day is your time to relax!


Don’t Be In Charge

I know it’s hard to give up control. To trust someone else to take care of the important things. Especially on your wedding day! 

But you’ve got to do it!

You’ve been in charge up until this point. Planning out all the details, preparing for the most amazing wedding in Punta Cana. Building out an itinerary, making a wedding playlist, choosing decor and details and dresses and a million other things! Not to mention, arranging travel, welcome dinners, excursions, and all the other extras that go into a destination wedding. And you did a great job! You can pat yourself on the back and celebrate your accomplishment.


It’s time to loosen up. Let go of the reins. Pass the baton to your maid of honor, your best man, your parents and in-laws, your wedding planner, and your wedding vendors. It’s your turn to relax! You deserve it!


Don’t Stress About the Little Things

This is probably the biggest regret of past brides. “I was so worried about everything being perfect that I couldn’t fully enjoy the day.” Or “It turns out all the little things I was constantly worrying about didn’t even really matter in the grand scheme of things.”

I hear it time and time again. If you read any online reviews, you’ll read the same thing, too. So take the advice:

Your only job today is to enjoy yourself! 

Don’t stress about the little things. It’ll all come together. And despite all the hype from the wedding industry, remember, your wedding day does not have to be perfect. Actually, I’ll tell you right now… It won’t be perfect! And that’s perfectly okay!! 

Because even though there will be some obstacles along the way, nothing should overshadow the joy that you feel.

Sticking along these lines:

There’s no need to micromanage your wedding vendors. You’ve already done the hard work of selecting a team that you trust to make your wedding day incredible. To make you look stunning. To make sure your venue looks stunning. And to capture all the special moments in photos and videos. Now is the time to put your trust in them. They’re professionals. They do this every single day. And they know what they’re doing.


When it comes to wedding photography:

There’s no need to write a shot list of every single moment you want to capture on your special day. I know Pinterest makes it tempting, but it’s really not necessary. When you do this, you’ll be missing out on everything that’s naturally happening throughout the day. Your photographer will capture all the important moments so you really don’t need to worry about a thing. Plus, they’ll be able to capture so much more when they’re not having to look down at a list throughout the day.


Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the day, in the details, in the timeline, and the step-by-step plan, that you somehow forget what you’re really doing this for. (Hint: It’s not for your family or your guests.) 

This day is for you and your partner! This is the start of the rest of your lives together!

So on your wedding day, slow things down. Take it all in! Don’t rush down the aisle (even though everyone’s staring at you and you can’t wait to make it to your groom). Don’t speed through your vows or place the rings like they don’t mean anything. Accept all the emotions that come up. Embrace the tears and the nervous laughter. Be fully engaged. Breathing in every single moment. 

Take in all the love from your family and friends. They’re there to celebrate with you, and they want to see you have fun. So bust a move on the dance floor. Drink too many mojitos. Laugh with your friends as you teach your grandma how to twerk. Jump into the pool at the end of the night! Be yourself, and enjoy it!

Why not make the most of your special day?