Are you looking for a true Caribbean experience? You will find it here! This is a resort where you can see the Caribbean influence in every aspect of the building and services. Here, you will be able to walk through a tropical garden, visit white sand beaches, and view toucans and flamingos! It’s a gorgeous location for a destination wedding. If this is something you’re interested in, then we have even more to share with you!


Melia Caribe Tropical Wedding



Restaurants and Food in Melia Punta Cana

If you are looking to sample local cuisine, then you should really check out the restaurants at Melia! The sancocho (a traditional meat and vegetable stew) is especially good. We think you and your guests will appreciate the variety of cuisine that is offered in this resort. There are eleven specialist restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine, ranging Mediterranean to Japanese! They also have two buffets, which is great if children (or picky eaters) are coming to the DR as well.

Our personal favorite is the Agora Grill. Why? The beach view of course! The Agora Grill is located right on the beach, and it has an open concept! This allows you to see the beach as you eat. It’s very relaxing, the food is amazing, and there is nothing like the smell of the ocean over an evening meal. The sea is kind of the point of a destination wedding, isn’t it?


Melia Caribe Tropical Wedding



YHI Wellness Spa and Resort Services

We know that wedding planning and travel can be stressful… So, if you are looking for a way to relax before the big day, then you should check out the wellness spa. They offer several treatments including massages and facials! If you do opt for a massage, then consider getting a couples massage! “Relaxing, romantic, rejuvenating” these are just a few words that would accurately describe the couple massage experience. If you are hoping for something more solitary, then we recommend the aromatherapy massage. We promise that you will leave feeling beautiful, relaxed, and incredibly positive. Is there a more perfect way to start your marriage? Nope! Ask for Ms. Delarosa, she has excellent reviews!

Another reason that this is a great place for a wedding: the amenities and activities! Like most resorts, they offer wifi, room service, and a maid service. However, Melia Caribe Tropical goes the extra mile for their guests. They also offer private security throughout the resort, currency exchange, translation services, excursion booking, and babysitting! The babysitting could be one of the most helpful services provided to the guests at your wedding. If children are not attending the wedding, then our next favorite service is the security!


melia caribe tropical


Activities for your Wedding Week

There are a number of activities that are available through the resort. Do you like sports, golf, or arts and crafts? We do too! There’s a ton of things that you and your guests can do here.

Cocotal Golf Course & Country Club

If you or your fiance are interested in golf, this resort offers a wonderful golf course. Each hole is different and challenging in its own way. Don’t worry about paying extra to use it. It’s free to guests of the resort! The golf course and country club are very scenic and professionally designed. Even if you don’t golf, it would still be fun to check it out!


melia caribe tropical



They offer a lot of things for people of all ages. For adults, we recommend the beach volleyball. For the kids, we suggest the mini Olympics! Also, if you are feeling adventurous you can head to the beach and rent a kayak or a small boat and row across the shore or even better ask for the parasailing excursion and watch the ocean from above!  This last one is particularly one of our favorite activities to do in Punta Cana. It only lasts 10-15 minutes but is it completely worth it! You will also get to go on a boat a look at the resort from the ocean and actually see how big it is.


Arts and Crafts

Are you one of the lucky few who has artistic talent? If so, you’ll really enjoy the different craft activities that are offered here. If not, then you may still enjoy the candle making, jewelry making, or even cocktail making! I’m sure they’ll let you sample your work. No matter what you will find a great activity to relax and blow some steam from all that wedding planning, or simply from working all year round and taking some time for yourself.


melia caribe tropical


The Staff at Melia Caribe Tropical

Finally, the staff’s positivity and helpfulness put the finishing touches on your big day. The trained staff and wedding planners are amazing. You won’t find a kinder and more gracious team to work with. If you have a special request, then make it! Here, you are only limited by your creativity. This is one of the things that makes the Melia Caribe Tropical what it is! This is your day, feel free to make it your own in every way! Happy wedding planning!