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You have probably heard of the Hard Rock Café, they are pretty common in the USA. They are known for great food, great music, and an overall fun atmosphere. The Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana is very similar, except you don’t have to leave at the end of the night. There are many things to love about the resort, but one of the things we wanted to share with you the most is our experience at the Hard Rock Casino! We had a wonderful time, and we think you will too.


Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

What is the Hard Rock Casino and where is it?

The casino is located at the all-inclusive resort here in the DR. The place itself is 45,000 square feet, making it the biggest casino in the Punta Cana area. It has forty tables, over four hundred and fifty slots, and a poker room! Here, you can play blackjack, craps, and roulette! Also, if you’re wanting more exclusivity, there is a VIP lounge. If there was ever a risk of you being bored in the Dominican Republic, there’s no chance now!

The resort itself is huge and it has many restaurants, lounges, and clubs but you can never miss the casino. It is on the right side of the hotel, right after the Eclipse Terrace. You will see a big shiny Limo that belonged to Madonna and you will instantly know where you are because of its size. Inside the casino area, you can also find ORO Night Club, another wonderful attraction of the Hard Rock Punta Cana.


Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

Why are the Casino and ORO Night Club so great for your Punta Cana Wedding?

Having your destination wedding at the Hard Rock Punta Cana can be very beneficial for your guests and the number of activities you can do during your wedding week. Your groom can have a bachelor’s party at the casino with his friends while you have yours inside the night club or at one of the adults-only pools. Or maybe you want to organize activities for the entire group and having a night at the casino gambling sounds like a lot of fun! Even if you don’t bring a lot of money you can still have tons of fun getting drinks and meeting new people.

One of the many great reasons to have your wedding at the Hard Rock is that your reception doesn’t have to be really over when it’s over. The entire group can head to ORO Night Club and continue the party there until the end of the night and the best part is you don’t have to worry about driving home after drinking too many mojitos.

So, what happens if you are staying at another resort? I have good news for you, the Casino is open for everybody, free access from any resort in Punta Cana. A short ride in a taxi and you can be there in no time! You can also enter ORO but you need to pay a ticket unless you go with your friends on a Wednesday for Ladies Night!

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

Ladies Nights at Oro Night Club

So, if this is not the perfect bachelorette’s party idea in Punta Cana I don’t know what is. Free access to one of the best night clubs in DR for you and all your friends, sounds like a plan to me! No boys allowed.
It is the perfect excuse to dress up with your girlfriends, maybe have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants and head to the Casino area to enter the club like you own the place.

Now, one thing to have in mind is that once you are inside ORO you will have to pay for your drinks, so it might be a good idea to have some before at the Casino or anywhere in the resort.

For the ladies staying in a different resort that want to have some fun at the Hard Rock Punta Cana, the access to the club is also free, but you cannot really have drinks at the resort since you are not staying there. I have a little tip for you, you can either pay a night-pass, maybe use it to get dinner with your friends and then have drinks, or go straight to the casino where you will be served anything you want as long as you are gambling in the machines. There is a minimum amount you need to spend but it’s only 5 dollars!

Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana


Now here you have some general information about the Casino credit, the VIP Lounge and the Hard Rock Punta Cana Players Club which might be of interest to you or your groom if he likes to gamble.


Hard Rock Casino Credit & the VIP Lounge

One of the really cool things about this casino is that they have casino credit. The casino credit lets you access your checking account while you play. There are a couple of things you need to know about the credit:

  • You have a minimum of $5,000.00
  • You have to use your personal checking account.
  • You have to pay your markers before you leave.
  • The maximum hold time is 14 days.

I think this is really cool because it makes the whole casino experience more convenient and fun!

Are you a VIP? If so, you can head on over to the VIP Lounge with your group of friends from the wedding. This is a gorgeous lounge. With comfortable chairs, high-end alcohol, and hand-rolled cigars, the VIP experience is a way of life. This lounge offers high stakes games. These games combined with the luxurious surroundings make this lounge a thrilling activity. Maybe your groom and his groomsmen want to have an all boys night, this is the perfect spot. Gorgeous, relaxing, thrilling, and a ton of fun. What more could you ask for?


Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana


The Hard Rock Punta Cana Players Club

Do you like saving money, or getting cash back on your purchases? I know I do! I love the Players Club because you get money back on your spending’s! They have what’s called a Wild Card and you get points on your card. It’s actually really cool! For every 2000 points, you get $5 back! One of my favorite things about the card is that you get exclusive invitations to events for VIPs. It is really fun and all the events are very exciting. They offer many more exciting things that you can check out on their website.

If you are on a bit of a budget, then the club membership might be a good idea for you. We all know that people lose money on casino games. One of the most popular sayings about casinos is, “the house always wins in the end”. This may be true to some extent, but somehow, getting money back or points towards other fun things doesn’t seem so bad. This is one of my favorite things about the casino. I am all about coupons, getting money back, and points towards future purchases. What do you think? Is this something you might be interested in?

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