Destination Weddings used to be something new. Something trendy, that would come and leave us as it happens in the fashion business. Well, apparently this kind of Weddings are here to stay.

Destination Weddings, GayDestinationWeddings, and LuxuriousDestinationWeddings have seen a tremendous growth in the last couple years. One in every four couples decide to have a Destination Wedding, and almost half of them are celebrated internationally.

If you are thinking of having your own Wedding at a destination like Punta Cana, this numbers may help you:

  • Getting married at home gets couples to spend an average of 30.000 US Dollars
  • Having a Destination Wedding reduces the average to about 8.000 US Dollars.

Don’t you want to save those 22.000 for something else? Like a Honeymoon? Forget it, you already have it included in the $8.000 when you decided to come to Punta Cana. You still end up with a lot of savings in comparison.

While most destination weddings are held in May, June, and July, I can say that April is a really busy month in Punta Cana as well. There a lot of couples saying I Do every day by the ocean in Bavaro Beach. Most couples spend an average of 7 nights in Punta Cana, but the guests usually spend 4 days on the Island.

Talking about the Island, the Dominican Republic is in the 3rd spot in the Destination Weddings Ranking only after Mexico and Jamaica. We also have seen a rise in LGBT couples getting married in Punta Cana, but some resorts have restrictions on where they can have their ceremony. We’ve seen resorts only allowing couples to get married in the Garden Gazebo, and not in front of the beach. This is something that needs to improve in order to attract this couples and help them achieve their dreams.

LGBT couples usually find better options in countries like Mexico, Tahiti, St. Marteen and Hawaii, but we definitely need to improve our services to allow everybody to feel equal.

Changing topics, the Wedding Receptions have seen an increase in entertainment quality and quantity, and it’s now easier than ever to hire a Fire Show in Punta Cana to delight your guests. If fire is not your thing, cigar rollers, crazy hour, and Caribbean Tríos are some other options.

Before you go to the reception you need to be at the ceremony, and there’s a lot of details to choose from. Using local flowers for your boutonnieres is an emerging trend that you should consider. You can also choose something local for your bridal bouquet, and your mom’s corsage as well. If you have chosen a huge gown you may want something simpler for the trash the dress, and this is why some brides decide to bring a second dress for the next day. You don’t have to, but it’s an option if you want to keep yours like new.

To finish the ceremony, there are some fantastic send-offs that you can choose from! We’ve seen all kind of stuff, from organic confetti (the other one is not allowed) to bubbles, beach balls, sparklers, flower petals, amongst many others.

To summarize, Destination Weddings are here to stay. With an emerging number of brides that decide to get married abroad and new destinations opening every year, this is only getting better. Prepare yourself because it’s a market that offers the good and the bad in every aspect of it. Do your research and learn as much as you can.

We’ll be here to help you out. Enjoy the infographic and don’t forget to share!


Destination Weddings Report 2015 by Punta Cana Photographer

Source: Destination