If you are a bride-to-be, you probably have Pinterest, and you probably have a couple albums dedicated to all things wedding. While you may have a wedding planner to help you with this (always recommended when planning a destination wedding), its always best to begin thinking about how you’d like to incorporate your style (and your husband-to-be’s style, too!) into your wedding to really make it feel like its yours and not a resort ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding.

Destination Wedding Theme

Kukua Decoration by Punta Cana Photographer

Do you have a theme to your wedding? This doesn’t really have to be a part of the ceremony as much as it will be about the reception. Perhaps there’s a theme that you’ve come up with that you’d like to play out in the reception as much as possible. You may even want to pull in the opposite direction of a ‘beach reception’ look, foregoing the usual bright colors that would be associated with a destination wedding. Instead, you could depict quite the opposite and have deep blues and silvers with small, light-capturing chandeliers to make your reception feel like a winter retreat in the middle of a warm paradise.

Perhaps you are having a reception outside and with it, under the stars. Here you can decorate the tables with small lanterns that project patterns of light wherever it can reach. You can string all kinds of small lights above the dance floor or where people are dining to represent stars as well. If you are inside, it may be possible to project star-like patterns on the ceiling during dining to give a ‘dinner under the stars’ kind of feel.

Make it different

Kukua Decoration by Punta Cana Photographer

Think about using the allure of the island you are on; if you want it to feel as tropical as the island is, incorporate local flowers into the centerpiece arrangements and think about offering a local dish as a part of the meal.

You can also consider having a brunch or lunch reception as well with brightly colored tablecloths and simple flowers adorning each table. This gives your guests enough time to spend with the newlyweds but without having to provide a place to dance and party the entire night away. If you aren’t the partying type, this may be a better option for you, and you can soak up the breezy Caribbean air under a canopy as you enjoy some light fare with your guests.

Whatever kind of ambiance you want for your wedding reception, remember that it is your special day and if you can dream it, a wedding planner can help you do it.