**Updated July 2020**

Let’s talk about how to create a romantic destination wedding ambiance. To set the mood for romance, affection, and love. And how to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy your special day.

As a bride-to-be, you probably have Pinterest and a couple of albums dedicated to your dream wedding. While you may have a wedding planner to help you with this (always recommended when planning a destination wedding), its always best to incorporate your (and your fiancé’s) style into your wedding. You really want to make it feel like your day – and not a resort ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding.

So how do you incorporate your style? It starts with your destination wedding theme.


Destination Wedding Theme

Do you have a theme for your wedding? Perhaps there’s a certain style that you’ve come up with that you’d like to showcase in the wedding decor as much as possible. Maybe a beach wedding. A vintage look. Or a classic style. If you’re not sure of the theme you’d like, check out The Ultimate Guide to Destination Wedding Decor.

Once you’ve decided your wedding theme, you can move on to the lighting of your wedding venue.

destination wedding ambiance

It’s All About the Light

To set a romantic destination wedding ambiance, you’ll want to use soft lighting, string lights, chandeliers, and candles. The lighting of your wedding venue will be the most important way to set the ambiance.

We all know how awkward and unflattering fluorescent white can be… You’ll feel like you’re at a hospital or supermarket instead of at a romantic wedding. So soften things! Warm lighting will do a much better job at that. Think of a romantic movie. Those sentimental scenes are filled with colors from a sunset. And that’s what you’ll want to use as the lighting on your special day.

Or, if you want to go in the complete opposite direction of a ‘beach wedding’ look, foregoing the usual bright colors that would be associated with a destination wedding, use deep blues and silvers instead. Incorporate small, light-capturing chandeliers to make your reception feel like a winter retreat in the middle of a warm paradise.

Kukua Decoration by Punta Cana Photographer

If you are having a reception outside, under the stars, you can decorate the tables with small lanterns that project patterns of light. You can string all kinds of small lights above the dance floor or where people are dining to represent stars as well. Another great way to set your romantic destination wedding ambiance is to put one of those LED lights near your dance floor. Something that says LOVE or FOREVER looks magnificent!

wedding at jellyfish

If you are inside, it may be possible to project star-like patterns on the ceiling during dining to give a ‘dinner under the stars’ kind of feel. Or use small, hanging lights on the walls and ceiling to create the same effect.

wedding decor


Make it Different

Incorporate pieces of your personality into your wedding day. Whether you want to add a few photos of the two of you around the venue (or at every table), or you add fun little details and decor to make it your own. Just do something that makes your wedding different. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. Check out some free DIY printables or use these money-saving tips to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience – Not only for you and your fiance but for all of your guests as well!

You can always use the allure of the island to help create your destination wedding ambiance. The beach makes it easy! If you want it to feel as tropical as the island is, incorporate local flowers into the centerpieces and offer a local dish or some fresh fruit as a part of the meal. Soak up the breezy Caribbean air and enjoy the view.

Whatever kind of ambiance you want for your wedding reception, remember that it is your special day! If you can dream it, you can do it!