When it comes to wedding reception decor, there are so many different elements to consider that you may not even know where to start. From the seating chart to the guestbook table to the wedding cake and wedding cake table. Not to mention the sweetheart table and centerpieces. Add it all together and it’s likely you’ll feel a little overwhelmed.

But don’t worry:

We have plenty of resources to help you along your wedding planning journey. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll have your entire wedding reception planned in no time. Won’t that feel amazing?

Here we’re going to focus on one of the most exciting pieces of your reception decor: centerpieces.

Whether you want to wow your guests with towering flower arrangements or you want to keep it simple with an understated look, you should be able to find some inspiration through the 26 centerpieces below.


Bright & Tropical Centerpieces

Welcome to the Caribbean! You’ve decided to get married in Punta Cana for a reason. So why not bring the tropical look into your wedding reception? A mix of bright greenery and colorful flowers will bring this look to life. There are plenty of options to choose from here: Monstera leaves. Hibiscus flowers. Lilies. Torch lilies. Birds of paradise. Hydrangeas. Plus there are hundreds of different types of palm leaves. Your options are endless! 

Check out these centerpieces:

They are so much fun! Don’t be afraid to embrace some color! Somehow bringing in lots of different shades of colored flowers and greenery doesn’t overwhelm the eye. They actually complement each other and create a luscious look that’ll remind your guests of a tropical forest. 

This couple went big and bold, using the arrangement as a full table runner, but you could easily create a smaller version of this for a more budget-friendly option.

Create a little contrast by placing your tropical centerpieces against a dark table and bringing in softer accents like pastel napkins, white candles, and ivory charger plates. Bring in extra elements like pineapple candle holders to really bring the tropical theme to life.

These medium-sized centerpieces are a little more subtle than the full table arrangements, but they’re still sure to wow your guests. This is a great option for smaller, round tables as they’re still popping with color and look lush and beautiful.


Centerpieces with Lots of Greenery

Even though you’re having a tropical wedding, you don’t always have to go bold and bright. You can still pull off a tropical look by incorporating lots of greenery into your centerpieces. Or why not keep it all green? In my mind, there’s no such thing as too much greenery! And I think these brides would agree.

These full-length table runners are gorgeous! You can pull off a tropical centerpiece by using lots of bright greenery and a few white flowers to draw attention. Pair your green centerpieces with wooden tables and chairs to create a more natural look.

For a more romantic look, add eucalyptus and dried greenery to your centerpieces and pair them with gold chairs and accents.


Greenery is usually more affordable than using fresh flowers so you can take advantage and fill up your entire wedding reception with fresh greenery. Get the most bang for your buck while creating a stunning wedding scene.


Elegant Wedding Centerpieces

To create an elegant wedding reception, it’s all about the glitz and glam. Gold will be your best friend, as well as darker colors like red, burgundy, navy blue, or black. We’re going for a formal atmosphere so your centerpieces should be tall, dense, and eye-catching. They should make a statement.

You’ll want your flowers tight together in a crisp, clean look. Not flowy or wispy like you’ll see in other beachy styles. You may also place smaller flower accents on the tables as well as golden candles and formal glassware and cutlery. 

These tall, beautiful centerpieces are perfect for a high-ceiling venue. They add drama and elegance to the space while also filling it up and commanding attention – especially against the dark background and twinkling starlights.

Here the sparkling gold tablecloths almost steal the show, but the bright red and pink roses do their job, calling attention up to the top of the floral arrangements. 

Adding metallics like gold and rose gold help to blend a look like this together. While candlelight adds that little extra touch of romance.


Boho Wedding Centerpiece Designs

For a bohemian-style wedding, we like to see lots of neutral and natural tones. You can also incorporate soft colors like peach, champagne, and sand. Or bolder colors like burnt orange, burgundy, and soft, emerald green.

Here it’s all about the pampas grass. We’ve got a soft-peach table runner to add a pop of color, but it’s mostly neutral tones here. Dried greenery is a better alternative to fresh greens to embrace that natural, earthy look.

Add texture to your centerpieces by incorporating plenty of pampas grass throughout your wedding venue. You can have it hanging from the ceiling (like this couple did) or fanned out throughout your flower arrangements.

Incorporate white and pink roses to soften the look. And add auburn or burnt orange accent pieces to make this look come to life.


Bright Pink & Purple Centerpieces

If you’re looking for a bright, vibrant, fun style then this one is for you! While tall centerpieces certainly make a statement, you can also play with color to bring drama to a space.

Mix in plenty of different colored flowers with bold pops of pink and purple to brighten up any venue. And have some fun with your designs!

We’ve got dark greenery hanging from the ceiling paired with bright pink, purple, and green flowers in the table centerpieces. You’ll also find some deep purple roses in there, contrasting against the teal blue candles and glasses. Talk about lively!


Romantic & Classic Centerpieces

To create a timeless look, we’ll stick to classic white and pink roses here. Centerpieces in this style are usually soft, whimsical, and dreamy. They’re not too over-the-top. They usually lean more toward the side of simple, sweet, and clean.

Here we’ve got a soft, beautiful centerpiece that’s large enough to draw attention but not overpowering for the space. It’s a fresh, clean look that whispers romance. It’s just perfect for an intimate dinner reception in Punta Cana.

To put a fun spin on the romantic look, this couple added a pop of color by incorporating beautiful hydrangeas into their centerpieces. The glass table stands also add a little extra height and form to the beautiful arrangements.


Hanging Centerpieces for your Punta Cana Wedding

Who says your centerpieces only have to be on the table? Isn’t hanging them from the ceiling a little more fun?

These are the show-stoppers. The breath-takers. The all-out, over-the-top, really-giving-it-everything-you’ve-got centerpieces. 

Here we’ve got a little bit of everything. Greenery. Draping flowers. White and pink roses. Bistro lights. And that’s only the centerpiece hanging from the ceiling.

What about the table centerpieces?

They’re laid across the entire table and even flow off the sides. Not to mention the floating candle towers and dark turquoise blue accents. Wow!


Make Them Big & Bold

Is bigger always better? Not always… But these centerpieces may have you doubting that.

Here we’re talking about tall, full, abundant arrangements. Like hanging centerpieces, these will capture your guests’ attention and have them sharing audible ooh’s and ahh’s. 

If you want your reception decor to be big and bold, consider some of these for your own wedding day:

How gorgeous is this wedding centerpiece? It’s wild and natural. Flowing in every which way. There’s no need for a formal shape and structure in your centerpieces – especially at a beach wedding. Embrace a little movement and have a little fun.

Just keep in mind:

Big arrangements like this can block your guests’ view and make conversation across the table pretty tough. You may find guests rearranging the flowers or even setting them on the floor during dinner.

These centerpieces are a little higher up and not quite as big and flowy as the previous set, but they’ll make conversation easier for your guests. The gold stands hold up the flowers and are hollow so your guests can see who’s sitting in front of them and all around the table. The conversations will be flowing. 

Plus, they soften up the big and bold arrangements with some smaller flower boxes on the tables and soft pink candles and menu cards.

Here’s another big and bold centerpiece for you to swoon over. They actually combine two different designs depending on the table shape. And they’re keeping up with the rhythm as they incorporate lots of local greenery, tropical flowers, and tall pillars to make a statement.


Tall and Romantic Centerpieces

A mixture of soft roses in white and pink shades is going to create a timeless, romantic look at your wedding reception. Incorporate taller glass vases to add a touch of height and take your centerpieces to the next level. 

Roses are key to creating a romantic floral centerpiece. You’ll want to keep colors soft and sweet for a classic, elegant look. White, ivory, and pastel pink are the way to go here. Pair them with soft lighting, tealight candles, and gold accents, and your wedding reception will be a dream come true.

Switch up your classic, romantic centerpiece just a bit by adding a couple of wispy sprigs of eucalyptus and some baby’s breath to create a more relaxed and textured look. 


Long & Flowy Centerpieces

We’ve seen a few long and flowy centerpieces already, but let’s take a moment to really showcase this design. These lush centerpieces will blow you away. 

Here we’re looking for long garlands that start on the table and cascade down to the floor. They should be lush and full, with lots of greenery and plenty of flowers.

Ironically, these “centerpieces” aren’t even in the center of the table. Instead of one long garland, we have two separate arrangements, flowing off the sides of the table. But a centerpiece doesn’t need to be in the middle to draw attention. These are stunning!


The cream tablecloths create the perfect backdrop for these flowy flower arrangements to make them really pop.

This couple has three flower arrangements to fill up the center of their long, rectangular tables. They’ve also added a lace table runner to create the ultimate romantic scene.

And check out those hanging centerpieces overhead! Who says you can’t have it all?


Mix & Match Different Styles

Speaking of having it all… Why not mix and match different types of centerpieces for your wedding reception? Every table doesn’t have to be the same design. Plus, you may have a mix of round and rectangular tables at your venue, so it only makes sense that you’d bring in a few different centerpieces.

Check out this bright and tropical wedding decor. We’ve got a mix of fresh greenery and vibrant flowers sprawling down the full length of the tables as well as hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful!

Here we’ve got four different centerpiece styles. Tall, lavish centerpieces tower over smaller arrangements on the round tables. And the rectangular tables feature both long and flowy designs as well as hanging centerpieces overhead. Aren’t these all stunning?

If you want something completely unique, mixing and matching different designs is a wonderful option!


Or Keep It Sweet & Simple

So I know I just said bigger is better… But what about the opposite? Sometimes less is more. That can be true too, right? Of course!

And if you’re on a tight budget, you may be looking for a simpler look for your wedding reception. Maybe you’re not even on a tight budget, but you just can’t fathom spending thousands of dollars on flowers for one day. (After all, flowers aren’t cheap.)

So you may be more inclined to choose one of these sweet and simple centerpieces:

Simplicity is key. Short, fresh flowers and a couple of candles are all you really need. A subtle way to customize this look is by using different vases for your flower arrangements and combining short and tall candles. That’s easy enough, right?

Here we’ve got some small centerpieces, but we’re still getting pops of color with a wide variety of flowers. They’ve also added metallic elements with gold and silver candle holders, gold charger plates, and gold and pink candles. It’s simple and still oh-so-elegant.

Here’s a timeless look that can never go out of style. Embracing an all-white color palette is an easy way to achieve this aesthetic. 

White tablecloths. White chairs. And simple centerpieces with white roses, white lilies, and just a touch of greenery. 


Final Thoughts

This is one of my favorite topics! It’s so much fun to see all of the different wedding styles and decor options. 

We’ve featured a ton of wedding decor from Kukua, Jellyfish, and Huracan Cafe, as well as a few popular resorts in the area. All of these weddings were gorgeous! And the wedding planners in Punta Cana are so incredibly talented. But there’s also so much personality that shines through in each of these wedding centerpieces. 

This is why I think it’s important to mention:

The centerpieces shown above should serve as a starting point and a spark of inspiration for you, but you shouldn’t try to re-create these exact designs. You want your decor to be as unique as you are. They should reflect your personality. Your relationship. You.