For all of the engaged couples who had to postpone or cancel their original wedding plans due to COVID-19, my heart is with you! I know it’s tough… Postponing your wedding date means saying farewell to a date that you’ve been looking forward to for so long. Not to mention, you’ll be waiting even longer to marry the love of your life. Hang in there!

Your wedding day will come soon enough, and it will be so much sweeter when it finally does.

While you’re waiting, why not do something memorable on your original wedding date to commemorate the special day? Here are 10 heartfelt ways to celebrate your original wedding date!


Exchange Love Letters

Express your feelings and let your partner know exactly how much they mean to you. It’s always nice to receive a handwritten letter filled with words of love and appreciation. Plus, it’s great practice for writing your own vows (if you haven’t done so yet).


Make a Photo Album

Whether you create a physical scrapbook or an online gallery, go through old photos of the two of you together and reminisce on all the good times you’ve had as a couple. Laugh at your questionable fashion choices or the time you thought bangs would be a good idea. And appreciate how much you both have grown together.


Plan a Date Night

Organize a romantic night in with your future hubby. Get all dressed up. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, grab a bottle of wine or champagne, and light some candles to set the mood. If you have a backyard, lay out a blanket and watch the stars. Or fill the tub and enjoy a steamy bubble bath together. The most important thing is that you’re spending time together on your special day.

Champagne glasses at a Punta Cana Wedding


Watch Wedding Movies

Curl up on the couch together and have a wedding movie marathon. There are so many movies that will have you laughing all day long! Bridesmaids, Wedding Crashers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Wedding Singer. And The Hangover is technically a wedding movie too, right? Seriously the list of wedding movies goes on and on!


Have Drinks with your Wedding Party

Host a virtual meeting on Zoom or Google Hangouts and get your entire wedding party together for drinks. If they all haven’t met yet, it’s a great time to break the ice. And if they’re already best friends, then you’ll have a blast just spending time together.
Set up a little bar in your kitchen with extra decor to feel like you’re really out drinking with friends. Have a signature cocktail? Send the recipe to your crew and sip on the same drink during your chat.

Mojito bar at Kukua Beach Club in Punta Cana


Host a Virtual Reception

Thinking bigger than just the wedding party? Invite all of your guests to participate in a virtual wedding reception. Chances are you’ll be missing them on your original wedding date, and they’ll be thinking of you too. So get the whole group together and enjoy your day with loved ones.


Practice Your First Dance

Practice makes perfect so put on that special song and start dancing. Turn down the lights. And move the furniture out of the way so you can really get into the moment. Enjoy the song. Get lost in the lyrics. You may just want to dance the entire night away!


Listen to Your Wedding Playlist

Keep the party going and turn on your entire wedding playlist. Host a dance party (for two) in your living room. Crank up the volume. Sing all the words. And dance like no one is watching. You’ll feel so much better!


Eat All The Wedding Cake

Reach out to your local bakery and order a mini wedding cake for the two of you to share on your original wedding date. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, find a wedding cake recipe online and try to replicate it at home. Cut the cake with your fiance, and feed each other a bite or two. Or smash it in each other’s faces if that’s more your style.


Allow Yourself to Feel

It’s going to be a tough day. Even if you stay busy and bask in the love you two have for each other all day long, you may still feel a little off. So allow yourself to feel all the feels. Cry if you need to. It’s okay to feel frustrated. Angry. Sad. And it’s totally normal to want to curl up in bed and wait for the day to pass. If that’s what’ll get you through, then do that.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your original wedding date. Do what feels right for you. Hang in there! Your new wedding day will be here before you know it!