Wedding cakes are incredibly easy to adapt to your wedding decorations and chosen a color palette. With the help of Ana from Cake Studio Bavaro, you’re guaranteed to receive an exceptional wedding cake that suits your theme and your taste.

If you are having a beach ceremony for your special day, you are probably going to have a beach-style wedding cake too. Beach wedding cakes are often the most interesting, brightly colored, exciting, and unique of all cake styles. But Ana can match any theme! And she’ll make it unique for you and your fiance.

Cake Studio Bavaro


It’s All About Patience and the Finer Details

Achieving the perfect wedding cake for any bride requires a lot of time, expertise, fine detailing and most of all, patience. And with a daughter, Ana has plenty of that.

Ana moved to Punta Cana from Serbia in 2011 after falling in love with the picturesque town back in 2003.

Now as a resident, Ana has a keen eye for detail that works perfectly to craft cakes to compliment any wedding or event. And let’s not forget the amazing tastes of the Caribbean. Ana is more than happy to discuss any exotic and unique flavors. And she can recommend some local tastes to excite your palate.

Not only that… If you have any special requirements, Ana will help you out. She is able to accommodate for gluten, dairy, and nut-free variations of her beautiful cakes – oh and vegan options too!

Cake Studio Bavaro


Everything Happens for a Reason

When looking at Ana’s outstanding wedding cakes, you would never believe that baking cakes was not her original plan in life. She worked in a local dive center and achieved her accredited dive-master status. But it was only when she had to bake a birthday cake for her daughter’s kindergarten class that she realized she had a talent for making cakes.

Many of the teachers and fellow parents expressed their delight for Ana’s cake! Eventually, this teacher persuaded Ana to pursue baking as a career. Playing it safe, Ana gave it some thought and spent countless hours creating butterflies, flowers, and other delicate features out of her daughter’s Play-Doh.

Then it was time to give making cakes another shot. Ana spent months practicing and researching how to deal with problems that occur in the kitchen, then how to make and source all the needed materials to the DR. Armed with a Facebook page and self-taught knowledge, Ana set out to find new clients, while still baking and selling cakes to family and friends.

It wasn’t long until Ana found herself working with Paradisus Punta Cana and Melia, producing amazing wedding cakes. Eventually  she started her own project: Cake Studio Bavaro.

Cake Studio Bavaro


Cake Studio Bavaro was Born

Now with over seven years of experience making cakes, Ana continues to produce beautifully crafted and unique cakes for countless brides in Punta Cana. Each and every cake crafted by Ana is unique.

Even brides who bring an image of a cake-style they saw online will often receive a slight alteration that is more personal to them and their special day. Something unique. And something they will absolutely love!

With such growing popularity for her cakes in and around the area, she is now looking to expand her business with her sister. It can take many hours to produce a wedding cake! And with so many orders coming in, an additional pair of hands is most certainly needed.

Cake Studio Bavaro


Sure enough, Ana is the most talked-about cake studio in Bavaro. All thanks to her patience, determination, and perseverance! If you would like to experience the delights of Ana and her fabulous cakes, feel free to get in touch!