A couple weeks ago I’ve waited for forty-five minutes sitting on a couch for a bride who was meeting me to do her first look photographs. I don’t mind waiting for people. Things can go wrong and take longer that expected. I’m actually used to it.

At the minute forty-six of my never-ending wait, she showed up. Next to her husband who had already seen her. A while ago.

“Hey! I’ve been looking for you” I said with a real and honest smile on my face. I truly don’t mind waiting for people on their wedding day. I’ve done this for years. It just happens.

All I heard was “A lot of things happened today”.

I called her, sent her messages in the meantime and tried to go to her room instead of having her walking towards the meeting place she set a few days ago.

I explained to her that we only had a few minutes before the ceremony started to get the couple some beautiful photographs by the garden.

“It’s too hot” was all I got back after that. We’ve had about 12 minutes to do a photoshoot in a lobby full of tourists because she didn’t care about what I had to say. It was hot. But there are a couple places in the gardens, in the shady area, with a nice breeze. 

The wedding is done and the pictures turned out great, but I KNOW that those pictures could look better than that. And it drives me mad. Even today, after hundreds of weddings done.

All I have to say is PLEASE DON’T BE A BRIDEZILLA. You probably laugh at brides acting crazy on movies or online stories, but those stories are real.

Listen to the people that is trying to help you. Pay attention to your options and do what experienced people think it’s best.

You can only look good in your pictures if you feel good. If you are enjoying it.

Enjoy your wedding day.
I’d love to be there for you.


Bridezilla in Punta Cana

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