Wedding Dress by Punta Cana Photographer


You can’t wait to slip away from the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary: you are having a beach wedding and you’ve found the perfect resort, the perfect beach and the perfect price. Now it’s time to think about what you’ll wear on your big day. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what the material is, the cut or if you are wearing a veil; you want to make sure that you choose a dress that flatters your body type.

When looking for a dress, you’ll want something that’s light and airy. Dresses that are made out of chiffon, silk or organza are ideal. You won’t want too much detailing such as beads because this has a tendency to weigh dresses down. The cut of the dress doesn’t matter as much as the material it is made of, but try to avoid heavy corset tops too. The corsets are usually beaded and even if they aren’t, they’re thick and don’t breathe very well.


Wedding Veil by Punta Cana Photographer

Train, Veil, Shoes for a Beach Wedding

Skip the train: an elegant wedding dress with a long train can wreak havoc on your special day, especially if your beach wedding experiences a little bit of wind. Along with gathering all kinds of sand as it drags behind you, a bit of wind can whip the dress up and scatter that sand all over the place and well, no one wants a mouthful of sand on their wedding day, bride or guest.

Instead of a long veil (keep in mind that the wind is the veils enemy too and you don’t want it tugging at your hair), consider something a little more vintage like the birdcage veil that has made a tremendous comeback in recent years for brides who are looking for a vintage touch. This could be a headband or a headpiece and all bridal stores will have some for you to sample.


Wedding Shoes by Punta Cana Photographer

Shoes – who needs them? But if you want them, consider flat, simply adorned sandals. Don’t try to traverse the sand in heels; it likely won’t end very well and you don’t want a sprained ankle on your big day.

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