Boudoir Photography, the thought brings to mind an image of glamorous women looking seductively (or playfully) at the camera, their confidence and enthusiasm readily apparent. These stunning photographs can be bound into a small and personal booklet to be given as a gift to the groom on the wedding day.

Does this sound like a great gift to you? We know the idea of implied nudes or lounging in lingerie in front of a camera can be nerve wracking. Don’t worry though, boudoir photography is a lot of fun, will create and capture happy memories, and make a great gift for your fiancé.


Boudoir Photography


Who will be there during the photo shoot?

It really depends on your preference. We wouldn’t recommend bringing the groom because the photos would be a fun surprise for him. Some brides bring a friend along, though, (perhaps the maid of honor) to help them lighten up and really enjoy the experience. Other brides prefer to do the photoshoot alone with the boudoir photographer. No matter who you choose to bring to the photo session, you will have the choice between a male or a female photographer. Choose whichever you like. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. 

So, why choose Bridal Boudoir Photography?

  1. It’s fun!

Women who have done a boudoir session have noted how surprisingly enjoyable they are. Many brides felt nervous (or even a little uncomfortable) in the beginning. After a few minutes, though, they began to feel beautiful, flirty, confident and enjoyed the experience immensely.

  1. You’ll look great!

These photos will be flattering and bring out the best in you, and who doesn’t love flattering photos?

Most women imagine themselves as models at one point or another in life (Hello, selfies!). Having a Boudoir Wedding Session could feasibly provide you with an opportunity to feel like a gorgeous model. Sure, you may not feel like a Victoria’s Secret model now, but a little lighting, a good photographer, and your favorite lingerie will go a long way in making you feel (and look) like the beautiful bride you are.


Boudoir Photography


  1. You’ll feel great!

Few things boost your self-confidence like a glamorous portrait. When you see how good you look (and you will look really good) you will be so glad that you took the plunge and went all in for your wedding photos, and your soon-to-be spouse will too.

In reference to the confidence building aspect of the photos: we all have times in our lives when we feel tired, stressed, and/or unattractive. Sometimes it can be hard to remember the beautiful bride that you were (and presently are). These photos may help with that, though. Whenever you doubt yourself, your own worth or beauty, you could look back at those photos and see yourself the way your groom saw you (and sees you), which is the way you are: beautiful, desirable, and fun! Isn’t that a good enough reason?

  1. Happy memories!

As was implied in reason number three, not only will the photos serve as a source of self-confidence, they will also bring happy memories! When you see the photos in the future, you will be reminded of the beautiful blushing bride, who was so excited for her wedding that she counted down the days until it finally arrived. You will be reminded of the joy. You will be reminded of the nerves. You will remember the way you felt as you peered into the camera lens, hoping you were at a good angle. And you will laugh because it was one of the happiest days of your life. You will be surprised at how quickly the time has passed since that day, and you will thank yourself for capturing one of the many precious moments that made up your wedding experience.


Boudoir Photography


Still apprehensive?

It’s okay to be a little nervous. Most women aren’t accustomed to wearing lingerie (or nothing) in front of a camera. If you’re worried because your body isn’t perfect, don’t be. All women have imperfections and insecurities, but they’re still beautiful, and you will look beautiful too! A good photographer will know the best lighting and backdrop for your photos, and they will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It might be a little nerve-wracking at first, but try to relax and have fun with it. Don’t think too much about the details. Just focus on feeling like the beautiful bride that you are, and be confident in the knowledge that your groom is going to love it, because you know he will.