Like any other bride planning her wedding, you probably are trying to find the best songs to make that day as special and wonderful as you pictured it.

Choosing wedding songs is not an easy task because there are so many options to choose from, but each and every one of them represents something different. For different stages of the wedding day, you should be able to pick the music that expresses your feelings at each moment.

Best wedding songs


The best choice to walk down the aisle will be something classic to go with the moment, that won’t distract anybody from the main focus: you meeting your groom.

Walk Down the Aisle to the Best Wedding Songs

To start with our list of best songs, here’s a reinterpretation of a classic like Canon in D, played by Wedding String Quartet.



Some brides decide to start their wedding next to Christina Perri, and it’s not by chance since she has one of the nicest songs to walk down the aisle: A Thousand Years


Keep up the beat!

After the ceremony is finished, you have to choose a wedding song for walking out together and in this case, you can choose something more fun, modern and spontaneous. Lots of couples use modern and extravagant music to be able to dance their way to make a toast.

Something like Uptown Funk will get your guests dancing as you walk out with your hubby!



There are other musical moments in the day, and we are not just talking about the party.

Choose the best wedding song for your first dances!

To be able to start your reception properly, the first dances should have the best music possible so that you and your loved one can feel comfortable and enjoy the moment.

You can find a great song to do your first dance, but make sure you let your partner know so you both make sure you know the dance steps!

Let’s continue with a list of songs that were a big hit in 2015 and still looks to be in force for this year… because no list is complete without this song that became a wedding anthem: John Legend – All of Me



After this magical first dance, the groom dances with his mom and the bride with his dad, making the perfect emotional closure before the party starts.

We all know I’m Yours because we have heard it numerous times in every event or video. That’s why we will choose a much nicer song for the slow dance: I Won’t Give Up, by Jason Mraz



All these moments need to have music that goes according to the emotion of the moment and not make people wonder why you chose that song… because if that happens, your groom will feel the same way and won’t dare to dance.

Now this is one of my favorite songs, and not many people have actually used it, but it will take the breath away from the person dancing next to you and ready to spend the rest of their life together: Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance



It’s always good to rehearse a little before you dance in front of all your guests, to feel comfortable with your partner and the song chosen. Pay attention to your dress because it might be a good idea to hold it up if you have a long tail.

Not everybody knows this next band, but without a doubt, this is a great song to dance to at your wedding reception: Lonestar – Amazed



Dancing in the sand might look easier than it actually is, so make sure you think twice before you decide where the moment will take place.

No list would be complete without Bruno Mars, so let’s include one of his greatest hits: Just The Way You Are



The softness in this song form Ellie Goulding can be felt in every single one of her words: Your Song



Reaching the end we have to mention the wedding song that had the biggest impact in the last few months. Thinking Out Loud has been played more times than we can count, but we still love it. Thanks, Ed Sheeran:



To have a great closure of the night we recommend getting everybody next to the dancefloor and play something like this: Michael Buble – Save The Last Dance For Me



What do you think about the list? Did I miss any?