**Updated July 2020**

Are you like me and can spend all night worrying about things that sound silly when you share them with friends and family? Are you afraid that bad weather, crazy relatives, wardrobe malfunctions, lack of guests, or you and your fiancée’s overall clumsiness will dampen your beach wedding day?

If you are, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many brides feel anxiety about the big day; after all, it is one of the biggest days of their lives! Some anxiety is normal, to be expected even; and there is no reason why a few wedding day hiccups can’t become a happy (or even humorous) memory.

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Bride Fear #1: Bad Weather

Many brides fear that bad weather will cause issues for their beach wedding. Especially brides who have chosen to have a destination wedding in places like the Dominican Republic or any other island in the Caribbean where the weather can be unstable.

It is a rational fear. Cloud coverage may interfere with your wedding day photos, but a good wedding photographer will know how to work with the new lighting and produce phenomenal photos of your big day, no matter what.

In fact, rainy weather would be a great opportunity for a trash the dress photo session!

If a trash the dress isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Just imagine the romantic photos of the two of you dancing or kissing in the rain! It would be like a romantic movie!

If you’re into finding meaning in the little things, you could look at the rain as a symbol of luck and new beginnings! The old days are washed away, and the two of you are being offered a fresh start. A new path to forever. Bad weather isn’t something worth crying over. And don’t lose any sleep over it. 

Rain or shine, you’re going to have an amazing wedding day.

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Bride Fear #2: Not Enough Guests

Another fear that many brides have is that no one will come to their destination wedding.
Imagine that… You make reservations, pay your caterer to make a grand meal, send out dozens of invitations… and no one shows. Not only would you be mortified, but you would also have wasted thousands of dollars.

If you are concerned that this nightmare will be a reality, then maybe make sure you require your guests to RSVP. For a destination wedding, you can ensure that your guests book their travel arrangements in advance. Then you will have a better idea of how many people plan on attending the event, which will aid you greatly when it comes to planning with your wedding coordinator.

If you are still concerned, you can always check with your guests a few days/weeks before the wedding day to confirm their travel plans and get a final head count.

This Checklist will help you solve these kinds of beach wedding problems since it will help you keep everything organized.

One more important thing to remember is, even if there is a natural disaster and only the groom arrives, the two most important people were there.

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Bride Fear #3: Unruly Guests

You’re not so worried about guests not showing up, as you are about that really rowdy cousin of yours. A common beach wedding fear for many brides is that their relatives will disrupt their wedding day.
Every family tree has a few bad apples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing day.

One option you have: just don’t invite the drama-causing friends or relatives. If, however, that’s not an option (because they are a parent or a sibling, or you don’t want to offend anyone) talk to them about your concerns. Express your fears and see if you can make a plan to maintain some order and boundaries on your wedding day.

Another idea is to have someone discreetly on standby to direct this person away from the wedding party if they begin to make a scene. This takes a little more planning and coordination, but it’s possible.

Though it may be difficult, remember that the wedding is about you and your intended spouse. This day will be your lifelong memory; it will be the story that you tell to your children and grandchildren. Remember that you and your fiancé’s happiness is what really matters on this beautiful day, and try and make the best of it, no matter what you decide to do.

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Bride Fear #4: Wardrobe Malfunctions

Brides can lose sleep thinking that there will be major wardrobe malfunctions on the wedding day. These wardrobe malfunctions range from the wind blowing the veil everywhere and disrupting photos, to spilling something on your dress. Or the worst possibility of all – your wedding dress no longer fits.

If you are concerned about veil issues, you might consider having a backup plan, such as a tasteful tiara or a floral wreath, depending on your wedding theme. You should discuss these possibilities with your photographer and see if they have any advice to share.

If you are worried about your dress not fitting (because you bought it too small as a goal weight, or because you’ve enjoyed the holidays) then consider taking it to an alternations specialist. If the dress still fits, but you are worried it won’t fit for much longer, consider trying the dress on a few times before the wedding to keep tabs on the fitting.

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Bride Fear #5: Tripping Down the Aisle

The final fear that many brides struggle with is their overall clumsiness. Walking down an aisle is both exciting and nerve-wracking. What if you trip over your own feet? What if you fall and tear your dress? This can easily become one of those common beach wedding problems, but there is hope!

These are all possibilities, even if you are not a clumsy person. But if they happen, remain calm. It will be okay! Try to look at it as a funny story to tell someday.

If you are really worried about it, consider practicing walking in your heels, or consider flats instead. Find the Perfect Shoes to Wear to Your Beach Wedding.

Another possibility is to choose a dress that stops just short of the floor (or maybe higher) to lower the risk of tripping and falling.

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Closing Thoughts

Choose to make the best of any situation, even when you are overwhelmed and want to cry.
Whenever I become anxious I think of this amazing quote by Will Smith’s character in the 2013 film “After Earth”:

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real but fear is a choice.”

This quote gives me strength because there is a chance that my fears may never be a reality. We all have fears, anxiety, and wedding day jitters. After all, it is one of the biggest days of our lives! many of us have dreamed of our wedding day since we were children.

Try not to worry too much, everything will work out in the end.