Are you ready to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day? To embrace that beach-bride flow with relaxed curls and an effortless style? To get glammed up and feel like a movie star? Then it’s time for some hair inspiration! Check out the top 6 beach wedding hairstyles that’ll have you looking and feeling like an absolute star on your wedding day. Then stick around for a few extra tips for your wedding ‘do.


Rock a Half Up Half Down Style

This is one of the most popular beach wedding hairstyles because it’s relaxed, loose, and beachy but still looks completely glamorous. If you’re used to wearing your hair down most days and don’t want to be totally out of your comfort zone with a full updo, then a half up half down style is a great compromise. It’s one of those classic, romantic looks that never goes out of style. 

If you want your hair to look lush and flowy down your neck, back, and shoulders but want to keep it out of your face in case of windy conditions (which are so common at the beach) this is a great option! Those beachy waves will look amazing! 

Check out these gorgeous brides:


Embrace the Full Bridal Updo 

This is my top pick for beach weddings in Punta Cana. Pull it all up! Get it out of your face and set in place so it lasts all day long – even better if it can withstand all the dancing and jumping you’ll do at your reception. 

You can choose a relaxed, messy bun to embrace the beachy vibes or try a sleek, modern style for a more formal look. Either way, you’ll be looking hot! But you won’t be feeling it since your hair will be off your neck and back and out of your face (ie. perfect for hot and humid days in Punta Cana!)

If it’s a really windy day, pull up those stray curls framing your face to keep them out of your eyes and lips during the ceremony. You can thank me later 😉


Relax the Look with a Beach Wedding Ponytail

A long, textured ponytail will look great flowing down your back and over your gown. This look is a little more relaxed than a full updo, but it’ll still give you the glamorous look that your wedding day deserves. Plus this hairstyle looks amazing with any type of wedding dress. You really can’t go wrong with this classic style!


Or Why Not Rock the Side Pony for your Wedding?

Okay, not like it’s 1985… I’m thinking a more sophisticated look here – Not a ponytail sticking out the side of your head. Instead, let’s pull those gorgeous curls to the side. Flowing over one shoulder. Soft and classic. Boom! You’re glamorous!

This is one of those beach wedding hairstyles that goes great with a strapless wedding gown. Not to mention, your hair will be off your back and neck so it won’t get quite so hot.

Check out these glamorous brides:


Long, Flowy Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Now let’s get real. You may love the looks above, but when it comes to you and your hair, you can’t picture it any other way but down. That’s the only style you really feel comfortable with. The style that makes you feel beautiful. Sexy. And that’s okay! 

Sometimes it’s best to stick with your natural look instead of trying to force a different hairstyle just because you saw some inspo photos online. You know yourself best.

Want to show off your long, luscious curls? Or add in some extensions to make your hair extra full and luxurious. Go for it! You’ll look stunning!

Just keep in mind:

It’s going to be hot and humid. It may be windy too. So be prepared for your hair to be blowing around. And while long, flowy beach waves look great, they don’t always last. Expect those curls to lose their shape and volume by the end of the night. 

If you don’t mind that, then I’d say go for it!


Natural Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Speaking of being yourself, why not keep it natural? Let those curls fly, baby! You can keep it simple by leaving your hair alone. You’re already gorgeous! 

Try a deep side part for plenty of volume. Then add a beautiful floral clip or headpiece to make the look pop. Flowers or a veil can be a great addition if you want to dress it up a bit, but you really don’t need to do much. (Some brides are just lucky like that.)


Extra Tips for your Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Hopefully, by now, you have a good idea of what hairstyle you’d like to try out for your wedding day. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind:


Elevate your style with bridal accessories

No matter what hairstyle you choose, you can always glam it up with some sleek bridal accessories. A long, flowy veil is the most traditional option, but your choices are endless. 

A flower crown. Or a single flower. A bedazzled headband. Or a diamond hair clip. Match your accessories with your wedding gown and style, and you’ll be looking like a model in no time.


Don’t Forget About Your Wedding Dress When Considering Different Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Okay, is it even possible to forget about your wedding dress? I didn’t think so! You’ve probably been dreaming of that dress since before you even found it. Daydreaming too… Honestly, once you’ve found the one, it’s hard to get it out of your head! But when you start looking at beach wedding hairstyles, it can be tough to picture that style with your dress’s neckline.

So talk about it with your hairstylist! Let them know what you have in mind for your hair inspiration, but also send them pics of you in your dress. Does the dress have a high neckline? Long sleeves? Is it strapless? These are all things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding ‘do.


Hire a Hair and Makeup Artist in Punta Cana

This is the biggest tip I can give you when it comes to beach wedding hairstyles!

Hire a professional hair and makeup artist who has experience working in Punta Cana. (Depending on the size of your bridal party, you may need to hire 2 or 3 to ensure you’re all ready on time.)

Don’t worry about whether or not your hairstyle will last all night. The hair and makeup artists in Punta Cana know what they’re doing! They have years of experience working in the heat and humidity and know all the tips and tricks to ensure your curls stay curled and your updo stays up. They’ll make sure you look absolutely stunning all day long.


Consider the Weather

Alright, I talked a bit about this before, but prepare for heat, humidity, and wind. If it’s a really windy day, then definitely go with an updo and skip the veil for the ceremony. You can bring it out for pictures after, and they’ll look amazing, but you don’t want to be fidgeting with your veil and pulling hair out of your lip gloss every 3 seconds during your ceremony.

You should be fully present in the moment, listening to the words of your officiant and your new husband – and not worried about anything else.

Another option:

Ask your hair and makeup artist to stay through the ceremony. They can touch up your hair and makeup before your formal portraits or before your big entrance to the reception. (FYI: They’ll probably charge an additional fee for this, so be prepared for the extra expense.)


Final Thoughts on Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Not sure if your hair can rock a beachy hairstyle? Whether you have short hair or long hair, thin hair or thick hair, curly hair or pin-straight hair, hire an amazing hair and makeup artist in Punta Cana and they’ll work wonders. 

You might feel nervous as they’re curling your hair and putting it up in all these funky ways. You’ll be thinking “Is this really going to look good?” Plus, emotions are already running high and you’re working with a time limit, trying not to be late for your own wedding so you’ll be all kinds of stressed. But take a deep breath. And a few sips of champagne. Then relax! You’re going to look amazing! The hairstylists know what they’re doing!

Trust your decision to hire a professional, and trust their process as they glam you up to walk down the aisle. They’ll make sure you look stunning.

You’ll be feeling beautiful from the moment you step into your wedding gown, and your new husband’s heart will melt as soon as he sees you. (Don’t worry: Our team will be there to capture the photos!)

Remember to relax and fully enjoy your wedding day – including the getting ready process. It’s going to be one of the best days of your life!