Are you looking for a gorgeous location to take your wedding photos? Perhaps something historical in appearance, unique, and romantic in feeling? Somewhere you can spend the entire day taking photos, grabbing a bite to eat, and maybe get a little shopping done? Well, there are a lot of places available to you… but my personal favorite is Altos de Chavon! Have you heard about it? Built in 1976, and designed by Charles Bludhorn, this replica of a 16th-century Mediterranean village creates a romantic backdrop to wedding photos and makes for a great day trip if you’re looking to play tourist for a day!

It is about 1 hour drive from Punta Cana and it is located inside Casa de Campo, an exclusive resort and villas destination close to La Romana.


What to see and do in Altos de Chavon?


There is a ton of things to see here! There is the Roman-style amphitheater, art galleries from local artists, an archeological museum, and of course a plaza and water fountain. These are all fantastic places for photos because they help create a timeless image. When people think of the Dominican Republic and destination weddings, people often think of gorgeous white sand beaches, clear skies, with clear water to match! Few people would expect to see a Mediterranean background as a wedding photo backdrop in the Dominican Republic. This will only add to the unique experience!


Altos de Chavon Amphitheater

This five thousand seat amphitheater is really cool, not only because of the Roman-style design, t because of the many artists who have performed here. Are you a fan of Elton John, Julio Iglesias, Sting, or Frank Sinatra? What about Andrea Bocelli? These, and many more famous artists have graced this amphitheater with their presence. Why not join the list of awesome people and visit too? If you are hoping to attend an event, you can find their amphitheater schedule online, believe me it’s worth the google search. If you just want to take some photos here, that’s great too. We have some fun photography ideas for you!


Art Galleries

Maybe not a location for wedding photography, but definitely a fun place to check out before or after the shoot! The local artists attend the nearby design school that is affiliated with Parsons the New School for Design in New York City. What does this mean? It means that you will have the opportunity to view high quality works of art from students attending a prestigious multicultural school, which is pretty cool!


The Plaza and the Fountain

The plaza and the fountain are one of my favorite places to take wedding photos. It’s gorgeous, open, surrounded by beautiful buildings, and has excellent lighting! It would also be a great place for a picnic, or just to sit, relax and people watch! You should check out some of our wedding photos taken in this area!


The Archeological Museum

The archeological museum here is another fun reason to visit. With information and historic artifacts from the region, it is both a fun and educational addition to your day of tourism! There is actually a couple of museums at Altos de Chavon. Another museum is the chocolate museum. Yum!


St. Stanislaus Church

Last but not least, the ultimate reason to visit Altos de Chavon: St. Stanislaus Church. This 16th century styled stone church is a must see for anyone interested in wedding photography or for anyone who is looking for a unique and romantic wedding venue. Why? Because of the gorgeous architecture, the small and quaint feel of the chapel, and the traditional Catholic weddings that can be performed here. Also, this church holds a weekly catholic mass on the weekends, and on the first Friday of each month. So, if you have a weekend available, you might consider attending mass one time. Even if you aren’t catholic, it is still a beautiful event to witness. Fun fact: Pope John Paull II sent the ashes of a Polish patron saint to help commemorate the inauguration of the church!


Why should you visit Altos de Chavon?


Visiting Altos de Chavon should be on every tourist’s bucket list. This is especially true for brides and grooms who are looking for a romantic day trip, or for a backdrop for their wedding photos. Even if you choose to have your photos taken somewhere else, this is still an awesome place because of the unique architecture, yummy food, and historical museums!

Getting married here could be a wonderful experience whether you have a religious ceremony or not. You and your guests will be spoiled! You can contact Casa de Campo and ask about their prices starting at 1,000 USD. With different options for the ceremony and reception plus a bridal suite and all the pampering you can imagine I think you can’t go wrong.

If you are having your wedding in Punta Cana you can still go for a photo shoot after the wedding. Because Altos de Chavon is a private place, in order to be able to have a photoshoot inside you must pay a fee but let me tell you it is completely worth it!

If you don’t believe us have a look at Sade & Adam’s photos there!