Do you love beach weddings as much as I do? If you’ve ever dreamed of having a beach wedding, you already know the millions of reasons why they are amazing! But if you’ve never really loved the idea or if you’re still on the fence about it, this post is for you!

Beach weddings are THE BEST!!!! Saying “I do” underneath the palm trees with the crystal clear water in the background… What could be better??

I know, I know… Beach weddings aren’t for everyone. So take a look at my top 9 reasons and then decide for yourself if a beach wedding is right for you.


1. Beach Weddings Are Fun!! 

Do I even have to say that? It seems so obvious. You can’t be grumpy at the beach. Like I think it’s literally impossible. The beautiful view, the warm breeze, your sun-kissed skin, and a tropical drink in hand. I’m smiling just picturing it now. Now add in all of your closest family and friends, and a little merengue music and you’re in paradise. Who wouldn’t want to get married in paradise?

beach weddings

Plus, Caribbean countries have different wedding reception traditions that can take the party to the next level! Consider a fire show to entertain your guests or a crazy hour to get everyone up and dancing.


2. They Are Romantic

Okay, I hear you: “All weddings are romantic.” That is true… but not quite as romantic as saying your I Do’s on the beach at sunset. With the sky the color of tangerines and cotton candy, and the sound of the soft waves crashing in the background, nothing quite tops that level of romance.


3. Beach Weddings Are More Relaxed Than “Traditional” Weddings

There’s less pressure on the bride and groom at a beach wedding. Everyone’s already on “island time” enjoying their vacation so your worries won’t seem as strong as back home. Plus it’ll be hot and sunny, which means both you and your guests can dress more casual. You can even go barefoot if you’re up for it!
There’s just less stress in the Caribbean. Period.


4. They Are More Intimate

Bigger is not always better. Especially when it comes to weddings. Intimacy is romantic. And when there’s a smaller group, you can really focus on your love for each other instead of having to entertain your aunt’s best friend’s daughter who you can’t even remember her name. With beach weddings, you do have to consider that not all of your friends and family will be able to attend, so if that’s a deal-breaker for you, a beach wedding may not be your best option.


5. Beach Wedding Are More Affordable Than You May Think

Not only does having fewer guests mean fewer mouths to feed (which is lighter on your budget already), but the beach alone creates a beautiful backdrop so you’ll spend less money on wedding decor. Resorts offer very affordable wedding packages, and even off-resort venues like Jellyfish Restaraunt, Kukua Beach Club, or Huracan Cafe offer very competitive rates. You’d be surprised how much money you can actually save by having a beach wedding.

Plus you can combine your destination wedding and your honeymoon to save even more!


6. Caribbean Destinations Are Experts at Wedding Planning

Hundreds of thousands of destination weddings are booked each year, which means that these popular vacation destinations have loads and loads of experience when it comes to beach weddings! Obviously I’m biased to Punta Cana, but really all of the main tourist spots know how to execute the perfect beach wedding. You can rest assured that your wedding is going to be amazing if you book it in the Caribbean!


7. Connect With Nature

Let’s get back to the fun reasons why the beach is such a nice option for your wedding day. You’ll be surrounded by happy people (including friends and family), and you’ll also get to connect with mother earth. You can dance on the beach with your toes in the sand, underneath the green palm trees and the moon. You’ll also have an assortment of fresh fruit, natural juices (hello, passionfruit mojitos), and local cuisine (fresh seafood, duh) so you can feel healthy and grounded on your big day. Just imagine breathing in that fresh, ocean air.


8. You Can Get Married Any Time of Year

In the Caribbean, it feels like summer all year round so you don’t have to wait to make your wedding day plans at a specific time of year. Whether you want to escape the winter freeze or plan a holiday in the middle of July, the weather will be great here, and we’d love to have you!

beach weddings


9. Beach Weddings Are A Once In A Lifetime Experience

It will truly be a wedding experience that you, your groom, and all of your guests will remember for the rest of your lives! 

beach weddings


Ready to Book Your Beach Wedding?

Congratulations!!! You’re making a great decision! Check out our Ultimate Destination Wedding Guide to get started.

If you’re coming to Punta Cana, we’d love to be a part of your special day. Get in contact with us today for more info about our wedding photography and videography packages.

Happy Planning!