Giving your bridesmaid gifts on your wedding day is not mandatory, but it is a nice way to show your appreciation for the special women in your life.

After all, these are the girls who have always been by your side. The ones who motivated you to crush that early morning workout, and who brought you tubs of ice cream when your heart was heavy. Or maybe you’re more of a wine and chocolate kind of girl.

These ladies are the ones who offered good advice in times of need and who pushed you to make some not-so-wise decisions way back when (well, who was really pushing who?)

The ones who made your stomach hurt from laughing too hard. And the ones who sat silently by your side when words just weren’t enough.

These are the girls who have been with you through it all. Through thick and thin.


bridesmaids on the beach


And now they’re standing by your side as you marry the love of your life. Knowing that although you are his and he is yours, you will always be theirs too. And that is a beautiful friendship! 

Giving your bridesmaids gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate that friendship.

Here are eight super cute and fun ideas to show gratitude to the special women in your life on your wedding day.


Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Can Wear



Matching robes are not only cute, but they’re also practical. You and your girls will look great in your getting ready photos! And robes are easy to change out of when you’re ready to put on your wedding dress. No need to worry about makeup smudges or trying to maneuver out of a t-shirt to avoid messing up your perfect hairdo.

And if you’re up for it (and your budget allows) you can get the robes embroidered with your girls’ names or titles – ie. bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor.



Customized Tanks, T-Shirts, or Pajamas

Speaking of embroidery, consider adorable tank tops or t-shirts for your bridesmaids’ gifts. Your girls will look cute and be comfy as they prepare for your big day. Plus, both can be worn again long after your day has come and gone! And a girl can never have too many tops! Just make sure they have a wide neck so they’re easy to get on and off.




What woman doesn’t love being gifted jewelry? And if you can give a bridesmaid gift that your girls can wear on your wedding day, and continue to wear long after the day has come and gone, that is even more special! 



Wedding Shoes or Barefoot Sandals

If you want your girls to match, consider gifting them the shoes you expect them to wear on your wedding day. Whether it’s a pair of gorgeous heels, a brand new pair of Converse sneakers, or barefoot sandals, your wedding crew will be happy! And their wallets will thank you too.

If you’re not sure what style is right, check out this page for ideas.



Flip Flops or Slippers

A treat for their feet after the ceremony! What could be better after walking in heels all day? Plus, they can wear them around the resort for the rest of their vacation!



Bridesmaid Gifts Your Girls Can Use


Vacation Goodie Bags

Think tumblers, sunscreen, sunglasses, and more. Anything they could use while on their beach vacation! This is also a great wedding favor option to gift your entire guest list!



Hangover Kits

Of course, you’re all going to be partying all night long!! So you’ll need a little pick-me-up for the morning after. Advil, Alka-Seltzer, some peppermint tea. Don’t forget the mouthwash… And the eyedrops. Or maybe an eye mask instead so they can take an afternoon nap. But if napping is out of the question, give your bridesmaids a bloody mary or mimosa making kit and they should perk right up.

You can DIY or check out Etsy for some adorable options!



A Simple Bridesmaid Gift

Handwritten Thank You Cards

In all seriousness, writing a personal thank you card to each of your bridesmaids is just as great a gift as any. Take the time to express gratitude for their friendship, for their love, and for their support. They will truly appreciate it!! 



Giving your bridesmaids gifts on your wedding day is an excellent way to show gratitude to the special ladies in your life. Whether it’s a beautiful robe, a silly gift bag, or a sentimental card, the most important thing is that you thank them for standing by your side as you marry the man of your dreams.