Who we are

Hi! I'm Gaston

Hi! I'm Gaston

Wedding Photographer

I’m an Argentinian Wedding Photographer and writer at Punta Cana Photographer! I also sing all the time, but let’s say it’s not my strongest talent.
And I'm Cami

And I'm Cami

Wedding Photographer

Hi! I’m Cami! I’m an Uruguayan Photographer living in the pristine beaches of Punta Cana! In love with love, avid reader and traveler.
Perfect match… like we are matches… you get it? Ok.. not so funny huh?
Personally –yes, this is Gaston writing- I love tea. Cami likes coffee instead. I like to get up early and get my things done while she… well, she sleeps a lot.

We both love junk food –that’s not true, I’m a vegetarian and yes, this is Cami writing by the way- and having dinner outside. Cami usually cooks at home because… let’s say I don’t love cooking. My better half is a great cook and she’s trying to get me into the kitchen now and then.

Cami loves all yoga and spiritual-related stuff, while I enjoy my time analyzing everything that comes across my mind. I’m more of a critical thinker myself.

We had been traveling alone for a while and that’s how we met, when we came across each other in India some time ago, after a long time being away from our countries. Today we live together in the Dominican Republic, at home.

About us at Punta Cana Photographer
Meet our Associate Photographer, Johalcy!
Let us start this by saying that we are very –very– picky with our work. We wouldn’t trust anyone to take photographs on our behalf, and we certainly wouldn’t allow anyone to deal with our clients unless we absolutely trust his art, skill, and talent.

After many years of working together, Johalcy has proven to be the right person for the job. He is not only a fantastic Wedding Photographer, but he also shares our love for weddings, intimate moments and photography. He speaks English, is very easygoing and always has the biggest smile on his face.

We can’t wait to create something unique with you.
Get in touch today and let’s start planning!

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